December Update

I’ve had a very fun December, especially around Christmas.

Earlier in the month, my guardians accepted an invitation to stay with friends down on the San Mateo coast near Pescadero (est. 1856).  I was initially planning to go too, and was looking forward to lots of beach time.  But, alas, it was not to be – my invitation melted away after our friends checked with the homeowner/landlord, who was concerned about the notion of a wet, super sandy dog making himself at home in the family beach house.  Bummer.

To enable their weekend away, my guardians searched for a kennel up to our standards between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, but that proved fruitless.  So I was hand delivered to my favorite weekend place up north in Sonoma.  The weather was great and I had all the normal fun and tiring activities with peers for 4 full days!  But just before checking out, there was a new wrinkle in my routine – a bath and blow dry the morning of my pickup.  Just as some humans I know, this made me feel very sharp and presentable as well as sweet smelling when my driver arrived.  But little did I know then of the downside to being so spiffy.

After two nights in Cow Hollow, the Highlander was loaded like Santa’s sled and my driver and I were off again.  This time we headed south, speeding along Interstate 5 – 6 hours later we vectored in for lunch with relatives in Simi Valley.  A nice visit, then we continued on to…Laguna Beach!  Well, this was my 3rd visit there, and I assure you Laguna is becoming one of my favorite destinations – it’s where my guardians’ relatives’ dogs, Cece and Oscar live!  They’re Labradors and siblings about my age and tons of fun.  Cece was hostess in her guardians’ home – Oscar’s home is a couple miles away, but his guardians were off to Morocco so he moved in with Cece and me.  We 3 were joined by Izzy, another Cece relative, who also lives nearby and whose companions were up in Wyoming for the holiday.

So our pack temporarily expanded to my guardians as well as Cece’s and we 4 dogs – it was great!  Lots of play, good walks in the neighborhood, and excellent off-leash hikes near Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park on Christmas Eve and Christmas, including a 4 miler on the Aliso Summit Trail.

On the trail Christmas Day

Cece, me, Oscar, & Izzy at the halfway point - Christmas hike






Beautiful weather, great playmates, lots of exercise, deep sleeps – what more could a dog want?

What more to want? — It’s easy, terriers like me hold very highly the chance to run on the beach!  Especially with my roomies, who were escorted to the seashore at least once/day…The sticky wicket for me was that I was so clean after my bath in Sonoma, that one of my guardians preferred that I stay that way…making the beach off limits.  When I looked down from the deck I could only fantasize about how fortunate my peers down there were…every time I walked by the steps to the beach I tugged and tugged to no avail…maybe on another visit, if I’m lucky enough to be invited…

Wish I could be down there...

Even though I was disappointed not to get a couple of workouts on the beach, I certainly won’t hold a grudge.  My visit had many, many high points and I’ll always be thankful to Cece’s guardians.

I snoozed almost all the way back to SF.  Now, a few days later, I’m caught up on sleep and promise to be ready for whatever my guardians plan for New Year’s Eve!

Have a Happy New Year!

Links –

In or near Pescadero:

Duarte’s, established in 1894:    Harley Farms, a fine goat farm and cheese maker and retailer:     A few minutes away is the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse:    Ano Nuevo State Park is 15-20 minutes south.  In the winter months Elephant Seals are abundant and guided tours are offered:

In Laguna Beach:  The hikes:    Beaches:

Main Beach in Laguna the morning after Christmas

About MrWally

I was found in a city park in Southern California without an ID or name and adopted when I was about one. I then moved to San Francisco with my new family who named me Wally. I very much enjoy the parks and beaches. I like all my neighbors and everyone around seems to like me - in fact, many neighbors greet me by name and I'm really friendly with our US Postal Carrier! Occasionally I get to spend weekends at a ranch in Sonoma, and I've already toured much of the western U.S.
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