Fleet Week 2011

I’m up in wine country this weekend with many new pals.  I came up yesterday for a few days of R & R because my guardians are busy travelling and working.  I’m lucky to be here because this is Fleet Week in San Francisco.  What this affair normally means for me is 3 days of ear shattering noise while Navy and Canadian jets burn a lot of fuel flying right over my house, scaring people and animals alike.

But this year I’m in the countryside, safely away from the crowds of tourists and aggravating noises in San Francisco.   Here it’s sometimes a little hotter than I like, but at least I can hear myself think.

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Barks by Mr. Wally

OK, I’m trying to get this going.  So far so good.  I’d like to change the title but haven’t figured that out yet.  Then I’ll get to posting about what I hope will be at least somewhat interesting to you.   In the meantime, you can read about my background…even I’d like to know more about that!

Another thing I’d like to fix is the photo you see.  That was a nice day in a very nice place but I wish it showed more of me!  We’ll see what we can do.

Finally, I’d like to mention that, notwithstanding this post’s title, I rarely bark.  Only at the beach and about important things like “give me that ball.”

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